This post is about two types of models that I learnt making in my first semester. These were a part of the subject Engineering Drawing. At the time of making these used to look tedious but on completion used to give satisfaction…..Honestly!!

The first type were the models of the shapes whose sheets we used to draw for the subject. Under the section of Surface Development, we were taught to actually make the 3-D shapes.

We started with a basic cube and ended with shape added and subtracted models. But I should definitely mention that that the truncated models were the most challenging ones. Here is a picture showing all the models.

The second type was a scale-up or scale-down model.For this, we were instructed to choose any machine part and try creating the same part by scaling up or scaling down its measurements according to a particular ratio.

I chose a slide plate and scaled up its measurements by 3 times. Although it didn’t turn up to be exact same thing but it resembled much to the features of the original one.

Thanks for viewing!’:)

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  2. You really have to have a lot of patience for the three-dimensional shapes to fit you perfectly. In the photo they look easier to do, but in practice, as you say, it is very difficult to achieve. At least the colors are very striking.
    With the board, something like that becomes more troublesome. At least you accomplished the task goal.
    I know very little about it. But I am struck by your career and the merit is that you know how to explain it. I, who know very little about the subject, can understand it.
    My thing is to write poems, but I’m also surprised by what young people do today in their studies.
    A good weekend and a lot of study to achieve your professional goals.

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    1. There is nothing extraordinary here, sir! We are continuously trying to strike a balance between what we have to do and what we like to do and such things are created. Thank you for the appreciation. It means a lot.

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