EcoALF is 100% recycled plastic fashion from the oceans

I recently completed a study on sustainable fashion .For the final assignment,I had to present a case study on any one sustainable brand.I chose the brand-‘ECOALF’.This brand is making quiet an impact in its area of expertise.Presenting further discussion in my case study here.

1. Introduction – Ecoalf  is a sustainable brand which is focusing a lot on producing new clothing by reusing materials such as plastic bottles from the seas and oceans and coffee wastes,etc.They use fishing nets,used tyres,and post industrial cotton and wool,etc.

ECOALF Apparel Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic |

2. Problem statement/ research question- The idea of ecoalf started coming into light of the eyes of the founder and president,Javier Goyeneche, was in 2009 when he was extremely frustrated with the amount of natural resources that the industries are using or in a way were wasting.The idea was to create a fashion brand that was truly sustainable.And hence with the brainstorming of a few people an idea to generate clothing from absolute waste,which inturn is not waste,was generated.They want to show that there is no need to use natural resources to develop good wearable products.It started creating products and since then it has not looked back.

3. Brief description of method(s) for data collection- They are using innovation and R+D technology to create best quality recycled products.

  • Ecoalf has managed to collaborate with over 3500 fishermen across the seas to provide them with fishnets and recyclable plastic bottles.More than 500 tons of trash has been already collected to promote sustainability.
  • They are using recycled nylon,which is being recycled from fish nets ,fabric scraps etc.It has 1/2 chemical consumption than newly generated nylon.Has reduced water and energy consumption.
  • They are using recycled industrial cotton and saving 2500 litres of water per T-shirt.If it comes to recycled wool,mechanical recycling is being used to create such wool and to maintain its durability to reuse it.
  • Recycling tyres is a big challenge but they achieved it well through RD technology.
Ideas, Inventions And Innovations : Upcycling Ocean Waste: Spanish Company  Transforms Plastic Pollution into High Quality Clothing

4. Analysis – If I begin analysing the initiative of Ecoalf,then it is already leaving a huge good impact on our enviroment.Here are some details about their initiative:

  • Goal- to create conscious synergy and offer a space to teach and learn about fashion, innovation and sustainability. Through these events, ECOALF spreads its message while generating a community of trail-blazers that will advocate for the world to treat Planet Earth in a more responsible way. Why? Because there is no Planet B.
  • Transparency-Transparency guarantees this coherence and gives us credibility as a brand to third parties, but most importantly to our clients. Transparency implies being able to tell everything we do and how we do it, but to say it, we have to first analyse our brand internally to know our processes and the impact we generate.
  • Sustainability-Suffice the current necessities without compromising those of future generations. A project for the future of our society, with the social, economic and environmental fundamentals in our blood.
  • Innovation-Revolutionary technology through the constant investment in R+D and collaborative investigation to reach the best quality in new materials, fabrics and processes. 
  • Recycled Materials-Using wasted resources as a raw material allows minimizing the consumption of natural resources. ECOALF turns residue to a great quality raw material – and in this way, the wasted material is reduced. In the majority of processes, ECOALF uses mechanical recycling – the most sustainable form of recycling. In terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, the production of a recycled material thread has a much lower impact compared with conventional thread.
  • No use of animal products-ECOALF does not use natural fur in its collections; it stopped doing so 3 years ago. The main reason was not being able to guarantee the use of chrome in the furs, as well as the origin of the animals and the non-abuse of them. Being able to change the world and being more respectful with our planet is something that we can only do if everyone provides their grain of sand.

The 6 mentioned points are in the words of brand’s own words.

5. Discussion and conclusion- 

  • Packaging- They highly encourage circular economy.Hence they do not use virgin paper for their E-commerce packaging.All the paper is 100 % recycled which is manufactured in Spain They are close to zero waste in their shipment and it has reduced carbon emission by 13%.
  • Collaborations-They have collaborated with a lot of brands and organizations,technological as well as fashion, such as Camper-Unisex collection in 2020 ,Capsule collection in 2019 has done very well,With Sybilla in 2017,With Swatch in 2016, With Helena Rohner in 2015 ,With Apple in 2013 etc.
  • Awards- Ecoalf has garnered a lot of popularity and has been felicitated several times with awards such as Nebrija Prize for Contemporary Creation and Innovation….IMF Business School Award for the Best Business of the year…..Spain.Gentleman Sustainability Award, España…..Gold Medal of the Red Cross, Spain…..Vocento Award for “The best business values” …..European Environment Award to the Company…..Product for sustainable development.,among others.

So,overall we can conclude that the sustainable brand-ECOALF is creating a lot of environmental and social impact keeping sustainability as its priority.So,overall we can conclude that the sustainable brand-ECOALF is creating a lot of environmental and social impact keeping sustainability as its priority.

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