For the final assignment of Fashion Orientation, one of my subjects in semester-2, I had to represent Fashion as Craft in my own way. So, I chose to represent fashion with newspapers. Following with pictures and captions.

Here is the concept that I came up with :

Be it a dress or any accessory, the making of it starts on paper in the form of craft. For instance, a dress starts with a pattern on paper. In the lockdown, we students started making patterns on newspapers and newspaper dresses and accessories have always been a bridge between craft and fashion. Hence, I chose newspapers to represent Fashion as Craft. Also, I created the sized down dress form by making its pattern on an A4 sheet, tracing it down on a piece of cloth and finished by stuffing it with cotton.

This is how the final product looked.

Coming to the making of dress form. The picture below shows the subsequent steps in making:

Next was making of the newspaper dress. Created all the elements seprately as per the size of the dress form and assembled into a dress to complete it:

And finally, I took a carton and manipulated it as in the picture below and hung the bodyform to the ceiling of the box using wires. Also, got the concept page printed to make a frame and attach alongside.

Thanks for checking the article 🙂

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