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Satat- A Marketing Mix Assignment

This assignment is from the 3rd semester, where we as a group of 5 people were supposed to decide on a hypothetical brand, do the basic elements of branding, and then move to the 4 Ps of marketing. It was the final submission for the jury of the floating major of the 3rd semester and... Continue Reading →

My First Marketing Assignment

As the 3rd Semester started, I chose Fashion Management Studies (FMS) as my minors. For the 3rd semester, the FMS IDM (Inter-disciplinary Minor) offers 'Introduction to Marketing & Retail' as a subject. This was technically my first conscious introduction to the backend of marketing. for the assignments, we were supposed to work in groups of... Continue Reading →

Twists and Knots

Until this activity that involved experimenting with vibrant fabrics to create different drapes, I was never interested in draping as much. This activity mainly involved making twists and knots using fabrics. I opted for a Neck Twist and a Butterfly Twist, and I love the results. Here is a picture:

Batik using Wax and Glue

Batik is a technique in which wax and dyes are used to create effects on textiles. It originated in India and then spanned its reach in many countries such as Indonesia, China, Malaysia, and Thailand. At present, Indonesia is leading in encouraging the Batik form on textiles. A few days back, we were given an... Continue Reading →


For the final assignment of Fashion Orientation, one of my subjects in semester-2, I had to represent Fashion as Craft in my own way. So, I chose to represent fashion with newspapers. Following with pictures and captions. Here is the concept that I came up with : Be it a dress or any accessory, the... Continue Reading →


I recently completed a study on sustainable fashion .For the final assignment,I had to present a case study on any one sustainable brand.I chose the brand-'ECOALF'.This brand is making quiet an impact in its area of expertise.Presenting further discussion in my case study here. 1. Introduction -¬†Ecoalf¬† is a sustainable brand which is focusing a... Continue Reading →

Human Textiles

At times,we come across several headings that we cannot resist ourselves from clicking on them.I recenty came across one based on 'Human Textiles'. The concept that the scientists are growing yarn out of human skin cells is quite intriguing.It might sound absurd at first but it is now a reality.It began with a team of... Continue Reading →


This post is about two types of models that I learnt making in my first semester. These were a part of the subject Engineering Drawing. At the time of making these used to look tedious but on completion used to give satisfaction.....Honestly!! The first type were the models of the shapes whose sheets we used... Continue Reading →

And just another idea!

Creativity needs your touch, not perfection! Hi! I am Nikita and I am pursuing my majors in Fashion Technology and minors in Fashion Management from NIFT, Mumbai. This blog is going to be a reflection of a few things that I learn and create! This idea began with the very thought of sharing things that... Continue Reading →

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